We are a lighting product manufacturer mainly focusing on designing and developing electro-luminescent new products.


Resistant to heat Thin profile and flexibility Uniform emission Thickness: < 0.5mm Lightweight Low power consumption Cool lighting Endure vibration and impact Multiple colors: blue, blue-green, green, white, and others.


Solid-state reliability Independent of viewing angle Virtually designed to any size or shape, with or without holes Connections can be located anywhere on the lamp Versatile drive conditions Graphics can be printed on illuminating surface Life not affected by vibration or mechanical shock Performance not affected by power cycling Individually addressable lit areas.


(1) Backlighting
(2) Signs
Emergency, road, house, building exit, entry, landing.
(3) Switches
Backlighting for membrane switches, domestic light switches.
(4) Automotive
Dashboard, Sill plates, Sticker, Pedal, Shift knob.
Interior and instrument lighting, coach lighting, Warning lamp.
(5) Architecture and interior design
High-tech lighting, illumination for elevator, emergency backup light for stairs.
(6) Advertising
Backlighting for advertising media, point of purchase displays.